I remember standing in Sunday school not really paying any attention at the teacher or anyone ells for that matter humming the words of the song ”Jesus loves me yes I know, for the bible tells me so…”, while coloring in a picture of Jesus on the cross. Obviously at the age of 6 I didn’t think much of what God was trying to reveal to me throw the song and the picture but I for certain thought that if people were to right songs about the love of God for us its probably bound to be true, right?


My whole life I’ve had the privilege to be able to grow up in a loving, fun, super spiritual home where the love and Gospel of Christ is always spoken about. So to me Christianity was a ”everyday thing” that was known to me since forever. With that said I do think that my actual revelation of who God is and How much he loves me (and the rest of humanity) did not necessarily come from where or how I was raised.

My revelation of how much He loves me did not come from the the things that my parents told me, the Sundays I spent coloring in pictures about God or even the Bible stories that I read.

IT CAME WHEN I ASKED FOR IT!                                                                                    When I laid down my life at His feet and Humbled myself in His presence.

MY WORSHIP WAS THE GATEWAY TO HIS LOVE                                                                  The moment that I experience His love I was amazed by how REAL His love actually is! I remember that moment so vividly.

I was IN MY ROOM listening to Hillsong united when I for some reason just decided to go down on my knees and sit there waiting for something to happen. Even though I asked God to reveal Himself to me I not for one moment thought that it would actually happen, I thought I needed to be in church with a massive band where the ”atmosphere” was right for God to present Himself to me- but that’s not what He had in mind.                                                                                                                                            Psalm 22:3 speaks about God inhabiting the praises of His people and that’s what happened  in my room that day. He revealed to me His love in the midst of my praise. All I needed for him to show up was to ask Him to show up. In that moment I felt His presence overshadowing my whole entire body it felt like a

WILDFIRE – not the burning sort that we think of when we hear the word ”fire” though, it was more like a -I AM POWERFUL fire. -I AM WITH YOU fire. -I AM REAL fire.

After that moment I never wanted to be the same ever again! I never wanted to go back to my former way of living. I never wanted to just live life, I wanted to live for something more & much bigger than myself.

If you are seeking for a love revelation from God DON’T WAIT for the right time, that’s what religion want’s you to do. God does not want us to wait until we are ”Free of sin” or ”good enough” or even in the ”right atmosphere” for Him to show up. He wants to show up NOW, with the situation that we are dealing with, in the midst of the sinful thing that we did just 10 min ago. Remember He does not see you when he looks at you he sees His SON JESUS – A man completely free of sin!   No matter what you have done or who you are God loves you and He wil always love you.

”Ask and it WILL be given to you; seek and you SHALL find;                                    knock and it WILL be opened for” -MATTHEW 7:7

He wants us to know His love.




High school drop out.

The sad truth about this blog post is that the bad in it is all true, but so is the good…

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Since this is my space where I right to readers about the good things in my life, I figured that it wil only be sensible if I right about the not so good things in my life, as well.

Now, before I start,  this is not a pity party nor is it a “shame girl” story. This is a story about the truth about the bad in High school and how I’m planning on getting rid of it.


In 2016 & 2017 In was homeschooled. I had a pretty, pretty good life, I still do, really.

Life this year, now that I’m back in School has just had some interesting, not always just good interventions that I personally feel like I don’t need.


High School, sadly is full of broken people who thrive on, gossiping, validation/ acknowledgement from others, bullying, “mine is beter that yours”, “I’m beter than you”, achievements and titles.

People are actually seeking good but they think that bad is the way to get there.

For a while this year I guess I went through a period where I really started to forget who I am and what my value is. Not because I didn’t know what it was but because so many things pointed to why I don’t deserve to know what it is.

I started to determine my value based on what the world thinks determines my value; achievements, title, friends, popularity, looks etc…

I also got caught up in what the world thought of me. The assumptions of who people think I am. It’s so easy to get caught up and pulled down in High school.

This year I ended up in situations that is 10000% not who I know the real me is. And know I need to deal with the desitions I made. And make it right.

That’s why this blogpost is called “High School drop out”

Not because I’m literally dropping out of High school, but because I’m figuratively done with High school. I’m done with the drama, done with the gossip, the stereotypes of everyone and everything, done with people who are toxic and who are pulling me down. And most of all, I’m done with the things I allowed to enter into my life. Those things were never meant for me. Those things should never tried to label or divine me. Those things don’t determine my value, and neither should thy determine yours.

Every person has a name and every name has a story, what’s your story? Are you going to allow yourself to fall into a trap of what society thinks life as a High schooler is bound to be like, or are you dropping out, with me? (Figuratively, of course, haha. Don’t drop out of school kids😂 😉


That we’re done with mediocrity, done with allowing people to devine us, done with settling for less than what we know is best for us, done with doing things that can hurt us in the long run, done with believing the words of other people, done with trying to find our identity in people and things who don’t even know what there’s are, done with giving up on who we were because who we’ve become is so far from who we were. Done with giving up on our God-given callings and dreams. Done with who High school says we are. Done with who people in High school say we are. Done with “High School”.

If it’s nog good, if it doesn’t feel good, if it doesn’t sound good… ITS NOT GOOD. And you, YOU, YOU only deserve good. So drop out, and start living. Live the life you know you’re worthy of, and if anything is taking that worth away from you, get rid of it.  I’m going to.

Work on who you are. If you’ve done bad, say sorry. If you betrayed, make up for it. If you got hurt, give your pain over to Jesus. If you’re in a bad space, identify what got you there and get out!

Where not meant to live life with secrets, sadness, pain, bullying, mediocrity, gossiping etc… They’re part of life but they don’t have to be your life. You don’t have to deal with them day in and day out.

For 2 years as a homeschooler I didn’t have to deal with them, which means that a life without them is possible.

You are worth a life of fun, goodness, blessings and a lot of joy. Who ever is trying to steal that from you is trying to be your “god” DO NOT allow it/ them to.

Jesus is the ultimate bringer of joy.

Drop out of this “High School” lifestyle and drop into all the goodness he wants for you.

Thank you for reading. Don’t settle for less than the best.

Lots of love

Ghee xx


Follow HIS heart

               “LEAD ME WHERE YOU NEED ME “

We get caught up in our own ideas, dreams, visions, thoughts & ways. We follow the opinions of the world and we learn to follow our own hearts.


Because we as humans have leant that in this cruel, selfish, harsh, lonesome world there is only one person we can trust with all that we are, and that person dear reader most of us see as ourselves. 

The desires of our hearts are then there for  focused on what we believe is exactly the best thing for us…, BUT I wonder what would happen if we learn to rather TRUST God and inline everything we are with HIS HEART. ?

  • Wil we then dream bigger?          
  • Will we live more carefree?
  • Will we go further in life than what we ourselves had planned? 
  • Will we be more at peace with who we are?
  • Will we be more relaxed with life & our futures?
  • Will we learn to trust someone who knows         more about us than what we could ever know about ourselves?

His heart is for us. His heart is full of all we need. His heart holds our whole eternity. 

Everything we’re going to do in our life is written by a God who holds our life.

HE sees the things our mind has long forgotten. He knows our conscious, our unconscious, our weakness, our strengths , our plans, our desires, our fears, our pain, our sadness, our happiness, he knows our EVERYTHING.

Let go and let God

His ways are higher than our own. His thoughts consume the great unknown.

When we follow Gods heart fear can’t hold us down and darkness can’t win it’s war. 

Follow his heart for it leads to unimaginable greatness.

XOX Ghee Ann 

Only You

Do you want to know why you should be you? Do you want to know why you are who you are? Do you want to know who you’re created to be?

Then I guess you should keep on reading 😉

The last couple of days I’ve really been pushing myself to be more authentic, more real to myself and to the world. I use to always be concerned about what people thought of me, like it was crazy. For example there was some days that I would literally  read my captions on instagram 1000 times over and over again because I would be so obsessed about what people would think when they read it. I know it sounds silly and it actually is, but don’t we all sometimes find ourselves doing things as silly as that? Why do we feel like we always need to seek the approval of others?

Let my tell you why I think so.

We’re afraid. We’re afraid that we wont be good enough.

We try to cover who we are so that the world could approve with who we pretend we are.

Today I want to tell that there’s a time in your life where you’re going to have to stop doing that, and that time might as well be know.

Why? because it’s the BEST thing you can ever do for yourself!

When you stop caring about what people think you become YOU

When you become you this is what happens:


  • YOU become the person you were created to be.
  • YOU become free.
  • YOU start being liked by others because you stop being a fake.
  • YOU start walking in Gods plan for you life, not yours, & trust me His plan for you will take you much, much further than what yours will ever be able to.
  • YOU attract more people to you. God designed you to have friends, great friends and a group of people who will take you forward in life, but the only way you’ll find that group of people is by being you.
  • YOU become a symbol of authenticity and trust me the world is seeking authenticity like never before.
  • YOU finally become a instrument for God to use. He wants to use YOU not the girl or the guy next to you, his already using them (he has something else planed for your life).
  • YOU start finding YOUR talents, YOUR passions, YOUR creative gift, YOUR dreams and YOUR desires when you become you.
  • YOU find yourself.
  • YOU become the HAPPY you you’ve always been dying to know, and you know what? Happiness is the best thing in the whole entire world!!

Stop thinking that being weird, random, quirky or different is bad, it’s not its probably some of the best qualities the human heart can ever have!

The people who have achieved the most success in life are the people who decided to be themselves, to be real & to be human.

To be honest with you so many good things have started to happen in my life since I started to be me. The people who I thought would like me less if I was to be myself even started liking me more. I found myself in a place of peace, freedom and endless happiness.

If you were suppose to be someone else God would have created you to be like them but he didn’t because he needed YOU.

You weren’t just placed on this earth because your parents decided to have you, you were placed on this earth because God couldn’t imagine this place without you!

Remember He loves you! & He want’s whats best for you!

THERE IS SOMETHING ONLY YOU CAN BRING TO THIS WORLD                           Now go and find it;)




In LOVE or in love with the FEELING?

img_1382-1 ”Am I in love or am I in love with feeling?”-Justin Bieber

Love is more than just a word and more than just a emotion, or feeling.

Love is a action just as much as it is a feeling


I’ve been blessed to be in a position where this topic is spoken about quit often. Through out my life I’ve come to find that REAL relationship between one another Is not just build out of just words, kissing and physical intimacy.

I do think that this is a really important subject to talk about! I believe that the problem with my generation is that so many people think that love is making out, having a intimate moment, kissing, saying you love one another, and using each other just to “try” to fill that ”whole” in your heart that at the end of the day only God can fill.

The difference between LOVE & THE LOVE FEELING: 


Love is sacrificial, it builds, encourages , uplifts, forgives, trust, puts each others needs above one selves, it tries to bring out the best in someone, it accepts each others strengths and weaknesses, it always strives to grow, lead and embrace one another with kindness, respect and unconditional love.


Lust is a feeling that has a expiring date! It is to be after someones physical appearance more than it is to be after someones heart. Lust is to use someone for your own good, when it actually does you no good!. It is something that gives you pleasure for a moment and then fades away because it does not give you constant satisfaction and does not change your mental and emotional state. The only person that can take away your pain and fill this ”whole” in your soul is JESUS, I promise you!  Even in marriage your husband or wife will never be able to make you whole only God can and when you realize that you stop waiting for that person to complete you.

Love builds you, lust destroys you!


People are very quick to say that they are in love with someone, trust me I was one of them. The first time I thought I was “In love” was when I was in primary school, even though I only spoke to this guy like 3 times, haha (I know how silly?, I cringe when I think about it) Your probably thinking okay Ghee know how can you possibly say you “loved” him? Know that my friend is a very good question and I happen tho know the answer to it.


I never really loved him,obviously haha.  I was simply just intrigued by him. The reason I’m telling you this know is because satan can also sometimes keep us busy with things that end up distracting us from what God wants us to focus on.

Being in the wrong relationship can also be the enemy’s tactic to keep you from the beter, no AMAZING relationship God has for you!

PROTECT YOUR HEART, for out of it flows everything. PROTECT YOUR EMOTIONS, for out of it you react. PROTECT YOUR PURITY,  because it is the GREATEST GIFT you can ever give your spouse.

The greatest love feeling you can ever experience is Gods love!

Don’t settle for the feeling, settle for the fact:)





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YOU are worthy of LOVE & AFFECTION. YOU are NEVER too much, YOU are always ENOUGH. You are PRECIOUS.

YOU are worth more than you could ever imagine. More than the numbers on the scale, more than the hair product you use, or the shoes you wear, more than how many girls wish they were you or how many guys wish the had you, more than the price of your cloths or the percentage on the top of your math test or even the amount of followers you have on instagram.


YOU were worth DYING for…think about that for a moment. Regardless of who you are, who you think you are or what you have done, the reality is that you deserved someone who would give up there life just for you.

Day after day I try to fathom the love of Christ, and day after day I realize how unfathomable it really is, haha. Gosh, if we would only realize how valuable we are.

I believe that when we really know how valuable we are we would:

  • Stop believing all the lies…”your not good enough, your a failure, you should never have been born, your a mistake, you too fat, your too skinny, your not smart enough, you will never be someone one day, your dreams can’t ever become reality, your not pretty enough, your not as build or handsome like all the other guys, etc…” Satan puts lies in our heads to keep us away from our Godly calling. The enemy tries too keep us focused on all these lies because he knows that whatever we fix our attention on we will eventually become. What are you fixing your attention on?


  • Carry ourselves differently. If you know that your a son or daughter of a King, how would you carry yourself ? Like royalty? or like a commoner? Commoners are treated as ordinary people, do you think God sees you as ordinary if he calls you His Prince or princess? NO! So why see yourself like that? As soon as we think we are ordinary we settle for ordinary things like; cutting ourselves, trying to fit a size 0, drugs, the boyfriend you know isn’t good for you, the girl you know who’s using you, smoking, drinking, sex before marriage etc… God wants you to see yourself as royalty so that he can give you all the royal things in life. 


  • We live bigger. When we know our value we start dreaming bigger dreams, we start living for more than just ourselves, we start seeking for the ”unreachable” (to us, not to God) things in life, we start aiming higher, we start living wider, we start striving for all the BIG THINGS in life! Why? Because if we know our Daddy has it all won’t we believe that when the time is right, He’ll give us what our hearts desire, those things we can only dream of?


He thinks your worth dying for, He wants to give you the big things in life, He wants you to value yourself and most of all He loves you!

Stop trying to be a commoner, royalty suits you more 😉

XOXO Ghee-Ann


The Good News 

             |          Good News        |


In this blog post I’m aiming to provoke thoughts in your mind that will hopefully renew, shift and change your thinking patterns towards NEWS. I will be speaking about how to “handel” Bad News and how to awaken the Good news you, inside of you! __________________________________________________


I have lately been placed in position where I had no other choice than to be aware about what is going on in the world, particularly my country. Now if you live in South Africa you would know exactly what I’m talking about. Our Nation is basically in its season of downfall and as a citizen of this country that can sometimes become extremely discouraging. From constantly hearing people speaking about “there is no hope” or “there is no future for this nation” to thinking about how my life and my future is going to “fit in”, in a place that looks like all hell just broke loose! Honestly it’s hard & I don’t think that it’s wrong to release it, I just don’t think it’s right to except it!

To be continued…


Know just to state the following:  Is there major problems in this world? YES! Is it is right? NO! Should we do something about it? YES! Can we do something about it? YES!

Do I know everything? Definitely not!                                       Can I share what I’ve learned with you?Definitely yes!   __________________________________________________



To continue about what I previously spoke about there are constantly people who are going to rage about the bad. I’ve learned that people are naturally more drawn to the bad rather than the good, with that said I do feel that we as Christians we are to strive to make our lives, words and deeds look and sound like the presenting of “Good News”. Learn to say “NO” to the bad news and learn to say “YES” to the Good News! The funny thing that I’ve come to realize is that there is sometimes more good things going on in the world than bad things, I’m not kidding! People just choose not to talk about it -Let’s talk about it!Let’s change the “normal” way of living!  The “Good News You” starts with making a everyday decision not to allow negative thoughts to influence your life! The easiest way of doing that is just by simply overshadowing evil with good.

“The only thing light does in darkness is outshine it, the only thing darkness does in light is disappear in the kindling of it”   



It comes with learning to trust and allowing God to move.                                                                             We can’t choose our circumstances but we can choose who holds our circumstances. Don’t let the world devein your future, leave God up to that, His ultimately the Arthur of it. To be honest with you, I don’t stress about my future. Of course there’s moments when I question God about my life, my calling and my dreams but other than that I’ve learned to trust him with everything concerning my future. And you know  what? I want you to do the same! All you really need to do is PRAY AND SURRENDER IT AT HIS FEET! It’s definitely not always easy to fully trust but that’s your journey. (I promise you, you’ll get there!) We should not receive bad news with the thought of, okay now it’s the “end of the world” we should receive it with, “okay God I acknowledge this. What do you want to show me? Teach me? Reveal to me?” He always wants us to grow! Sometimes that means praying more, listening more, seeking more…

He thinks the world of us! He loves us!

Chase the Good news, rebuke the Bad News.

XOXO Ghee-Ann